Benefits of Using Linux for Your Computer Operating System

Benefits of Using Linux for Your Computer Operating System – The name of Linux is not as famous as Windows. It is because Linux gives you the more complicated system to run and manage. However, even though Linux is considered as one complicated OS, there are still a lot of people who are using this operating system in their computer or laptop. The reason is because they can do a lot of things with Linux. Other than that, there are also some other benefits that you can get from using this operating system in your computer or laptop. Here are some of those benefits.

The first benefit is that you can run Linux over some other operating systems out there. It is because the Linux OS can be installed in a live USB or portable device. It means you can even bring your Linux OS anywhere you go. You do not really need to install the Linux in a specific computer or laptop because you already have it in your USB drive. You only have to plug it in and it is ready to use. The second benefit is the fact that Linux supports a lot f programming language. This is the main reason why a lot of programmers are using Linux to be their main OS. It is because Linux supports a lot of programming languages that those programmers need. As an addition to that, the programming features from Linux are considerably complete for many programmers who want to make some programs through the Linux.

The next benefit is the large number of distros that will provide you with the application or software that you need. In Android phone, you have the Play Store. In iOS, you have the Apple Store. However, in Linux, you have more than one place or distro that will provide you with the application and software that you need. Some of them are Arch Linux, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint. There are still some other distros that you can choose other than those three. The last benefit that you can get is the free of charge. Yes, this might be the best of all. You can install the Linux without having to pay even a penny for the OS. That means you can get the best features from Linux without having to pay for anything. It is totally different with the most famous OS out there that differentiate the OS edition based on the features and price that you need to pay.