Top 5 Best Linux Distros 2020

Top 5 Best Linux Distros 2020

Top 5 Best Linux Distros 2020 – Linux is known for its association with programmers or coders. However, Linux is also widely used by general customers. Linux comes to the market in many different distros or distribution based on user need or interest. Want to get Linux software but don’t which distros you need? Here are five best Linux distros for the mainstream, newbie, or even advance programmer.
• Elementary OS
This operating system is well known for its incredible design, and macOS inspire it, well you can tell the similarity when you see it. The desktop environment, called Pantheon, is excellent too, but this distro has a lack of preinstalled apps. Just like something great sometimes comes along with flaws, but not in online betting site where you can get two great things at once; the game and the jackpot. However, you can solve this by downloading the program in an integrated AppCenter for this OS.

• Ubuntu
Ubuntu is popular because of its security and stability. Every six months, the developer releases a new version of the OS, each with an LTS (Long Term Support) version, which guarantees the general maintenance and security for five years.

• openSUSE
openSUSE is the polished distro one and aims for system administrators also developers. The source code of the Leap version is SUSE Linux Enterprise, so that it can be more stable. What is more, from this version, the SUSE Studio Express site gives you the freedom to create your own of open SUSE.

• Linux Mint
This distro is for beginners for sure. This Linux Mint is what people say about the default distro, so it is a perfect option if you switch from Windows or Mac. It also has good media support where you can play videos or music files too.

• Arch Linux
This distro is less user-friendly, but it comes with a great advantage. You can customize the OS since Arch Linux comes with a ton of packages. This distro is also handy for someone with an older PC who is unpleased with unnecessary packages.

Those top five Linux distros are the greatest. Remember that each distro is suitable for segmented consumers, so make sure to search the one for you. Match it with what you need, and let’s enjoy the rest.

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