Funny Facts about Linux That You Have Missed

Funny Facts about Linux That You Have Missed – Even though Linux is not the main OS that many people are using, there are a lot of people who are using Linux to be their primary OS. The reason is because they can do more things through this OS, especially for the programming needs. For those who have been using Linux for quite some times, you might have known most of the features, functions, and commands that you can do using this OS. However, do you know that there are some funny facts about this OS? Here are some of those funny facts about Linux that many professionals might have missed too.

The first fact that you might want to know from Linux is the fact that the major space programmer is using this OS. NASA and ESA are some of the biggest space programs in the world and these two names are using Linux as one part of them. Of course, they are not only using Linux, but at least there are some parts of the programs that are using Linux there. The second fact is the domination of the supercomputers in the world. You might have heard about some of the best computers in the world. Those computers are also known as the supercomputers. Do you know that those supercomputers are using Linux? You can check on your own that the 500 supercomputers in 2018 are all using Linux. It means Linux was controlling the main system of those supercomputers in 2018.

The third one is that Linux was almost never existed. The reason was quite simple. It is because Steve Job offered one nice position to Linus Torvalds, the founder and the owner of Linux. On the beginning of 2000, when Linux was started for few years, Linus Torvalds was offered a nice position in Microsoft if he wanted to stop developing the current Linux project. Fortunately, Linux chose to continue the project until this time. The last one is something quite shocking because there are not many people who realized that Linux can be run on almost everything in the world. Linux runs on the computer, on the laptop, on the Android devices, and even on the rocket project to the space. In short, you can say that Linux is actually something that you can use to help you with almost any kind of program that you want despite of the sectors and the fields.