Some Recommendations for Open Source Software

Software is certainly a major part of a computer. Without software, you could say that the computer will not be able to function optimally. In this case, even the calculator in the computer is a piece of software even though it is a default software and does not have a large size. In this case, […]

Top Reasons Why You Need to Choose Linux

Until nowadays, the name of Windows is still becoming the option of many people to be their main operating system. That is because Windows offers you the simplicity that many people are able to learn in a short time. Even though, there is another operating system called Linux that also attracted a lot of attentions, […]

Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS

Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS – Who doesn’t know Linux? Well, this OS is a great competitor of the two giant OS; Windows and macOS. Although it is not that commonly used compared to the two giants, this Linux distribution will blow your mind and may say goodbye to the two.• It’s Just […]

Secret Tips and Tricks in Linux You Need to Know

Secret Tips and Tricks in Linux You Need to Know – Linux is one of those operating systems that only certain people are using nowadays. The reason is because this operating system is meant to help people to dully customize things from their operating system. As the result, the information about Linux is not as […]