Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS

Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS

Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS – Who doesn’t know Linux? Well, this OS is a great competitor of the two giant OS; Windows and macOS. Although it is not that commonly used compared to the two giants, this Linux distribution will blow your mind and may say goodbye to the two.
• It’s Just Wow!
Windows or macOS’ displays hardly give any differences with each new release. So, when you see Deepin Linux Desktop Distribution, it will provide a fresh look. It is beautiful and has a wow factor that will never fail you.

The UX is a way more enjoyable and intuitive than the two giants. However, for you who already comfortable with Windows and macOS, Deepin only requires a few settings to match those two’s displays. Great, isn’t it?

In the teaser that the developer posted on YouTube recently, you can already see that they have already polished it so much. Even the tiniest detail is an artwork. You can tell how the developers being extra in this project, which results in excellence. The developer also makes sure that this OS can be installed on top of any Linux distro since they have integrated to many distros such as Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora, Manjaro, and openSUSE

• Try it by Yourself
You won’t get the experience if you don’t try it on your PC, though. You will catch the difference immediately after installing this OS, and you definitely won’t change to other OS. It is similar to how online betting players won’t change their mind after playing in and get the jackpot.

You can wait for at least till November this year since the rumor said the developers would launch the Deepin v20 beta/developer preview in that month. It worth the wait, though, as even the System Monitor is gorgeous.

The previous version, Deepin 15, itself has proven that consumers should consider this OS. There are eleven updates since it has been launched. Each update gives a noteworthy development and polishes more the already-polished OS. You can download the OS at as the preview of the upcoming version 20. You can also preview it directly from your browser, though, so no need for any more reasons to not try the OS.

Ready to get to the adventure of the beauty displayed OS? Try the latest version now, and you definitely will say goodbye to the previous OS.