Top Reasons Why You Need to Choose Linux

Until nowadays, the name of Windows is still becoming the option of many people to be their main operating system. That is because Windows offers you the simplicity that many people are able to learn in a short time. Even though, there is another operating system called Linux that also attracted a lot of attentions, especially the attention of many programmers. For your information, many programmers are using this kind of operating system in their computer or laptop. You might be curious why those people are using Linux. If you do, then here are some of the reasons why you need to choose Linux for your computer or laptop.

The first one is the high security system that can easily protect you from almost anything. The main reason is because when you are entering your Linux operating system, you are logged in directly to the root of the system. It means you are able to do anything that you want from the system. It is unlike some other operating systems out there that will let you get inside as the administrator, but not directly to the root. That is why you still need to set some things if you want to keep your computer safe.

The second reason is because the high stability of the system. When you are talking about the stability, it is something that you cannot easily compare because Linux is actually running on the server through the internet. Meanwhile, some other operating systems are not. Even though, you can still compare the stability of the OS through the long term usage. In some other operating systems, you might feel the slower performance after using it for a year or so. However, that is not going to happen to Linux. This OS remain stable since the first time of the installation, unless the system is updated.

The last one is that you can run Linux despite of the hardware that you are using at the time being. It is one of the best things that you can get from Linux since you are able to run this OS despite of your low quality computer or laptop. Of course, it is better for you to update your hardware regularly, but if you do not have any money to do so, Linux can still help you with the old computer hardware that you have. So, there is nothing that you need to worry about.

Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS

Say Goodbye to Windows 10 and macOS – Who doesn’t know Linux? Well, this OS is a great competitor of the two giant OS; Windows and macOS. Although it is not that commonly used compared to the two giants, this Linux distribution will blow your mind and may say goodbye to the two.
• It’s Just Wow!
Windows or macOS’ displays hardly give any differences with each new release. So, when you see Deepin Linux Desktop Distribution, it will provide a fresh look. It is beautiful and has a wow factor that will never fail you.

The UX is a way more enjoyable and intuitive than the two giants. However, for you who already comfortable with Windows and macOS, Deepin only requires a few settings to match those two’s displays. Great, isn’t it?

In the teaser that the developer posted on YouTube recently, you can already see that they have already polished it so much. Even the tiniest detail is an artwork. You can tell how the developers being extra in this project, which results in excellence. The developer also makes sure that this OS can be installed on top of any Linux distro since they have integrated to many distros such as Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora, Manjaro, and openSUSE

• Try it by Yourself
You won’t get the experience if you don’t try it on your PC, though. You will catch the difference immediately after installing this OS, and you definitely won’t change to other OS. It is similar to how online betting players won’t change their mind after playing in and get the jackpot.

You can wait for at least till November this year since the rumor said the developers would launch the Deepin v20 beta/developer preview in that month. It worth the wait, though, as even the System Monitor is gorgeous.

The previous version, Deepin 15, itself has proven that consumers should consider this OS. There are eleven updates since it has been launched. Each update gives a noteworthy development and polishes more the already-polished OS. You can download the OS at as the preview of the upcoming version 20. You can also preview it directly from your browser, though, so no need for any more reasons to not try the OS.

Ready to get to the adventure of the beauty displayed OS? Try the latest version now, and you definitely will say goodbye to the previous OS.

Secret Tips and Tricks in Linux You Need to Know

Secret Tips and Tricks in Linux You Need to Know – Linux is one of those operating systems that only certain people are using nowadays. The reason is because this operating system is meant to help people to dully customize things from their operating system. As the result, the information about Linux is not as much as the other operating systems out there. This might be one of those reasons why there are not many people who are able to master this OS in an instant. For your information, there are some secret tips and tricks that you might want to try if you are using Linux as your OS.

The first tip is to run multiple command at the same time. Some people are waiting for the OS to finish the first command before they do the second command, which will take quite a time. Fortunately, in Linux you can do the OS to do more than one command at the same time. You only need to add the ‘;’ mark between each command. This way, you can do things more efficiently. the second is to unfreeze your terminal. If you are using Windows OS, pressing Ctrl + S is something very common to do. That is because you need to save things regularly. Unfortunately, in Linux that can be a problem since that means you are freezing the terminal on this OS. If you accidentally press those buttons, you should not be worry about anything. You can easily undo that process by pressing the Ctrl + Q. These buttons will unfreeze your Linux terminal.

The third one is to easily kill the processes that you do not need on the foreground. Yes, you do not misread it. If you want to close the foreground process in an instant, you can easily press the Ctrl + C at the same time. This combination will directly stop and close the foreground application that you do not need. The last tip is using Tab to complete your work. The function of Tab is to do the auto-completion of your work. It means if you type few words of your command and press Tab immediately, this will show you the possible options that you usually sue for that command. This is one of the simplest ways to finish works in a short time. This is one secret that many professionals are using to finish their work in few minutes only. Do not you want to try the same thing too?

Top 5 Best Java IDE 2020

Top 5 Best Java IDE 2020 – IDE or Integrated Development Environment is an important thing to build or develop applications. Java is the language, and you need an IDE to be able to work on your app. Here are the top five best Java IDE for you to begin.
• BlueJ
Widely used by the Java programmers is the indicator of the best IDE. Well, if yes, then BlueJ can be considered among the list. Originally this was developed for educational purposes, but in the end, it proves its usefulness. Think it this way; you can create software with an easy interface.

• Eclipse
The most popular IDE? Eclipse will be the answer, certainly as sure as  becomes the most popular online betting site among the players. It is popular because you can use Java in not only this IDE but also other programming languages, although you need to install some plug-ins first.

You also don’t need to worry; this IDE has many powerful tools to do various reporting, charting, testing, and modeling. Therefore, the developer can waste no time and done their work immediately.

Need a lightweight JAVA IDE? Then grasp the jGRASP. Although it is light, you can run the program on all platforms using a Java Virtual Machine. Similar to jGRASP you can access in any gadgets you want by installing the app. Not only that, but it’s also a workbench with various tools and, at the same time, an integrated debugger. So, you can get many things at once with this IDE.

• NetBeans
Using module sets to build various applications? Welcome to NetBeans. This software is an open-source IDE that will ease the developers in creating software applications by using Java programming language. There are also many great tools to help developers to write bug-free code in no time.

• Greenfoot
Another education-purpose Java IDE means another easy one and suitable for newbie. The software is free, and because of its educational purpose, the interface is not that complicated. Greenfoot can be used in various platforms such as Windows, macOS, Solaris, and Linux, adding more plus points for accessibility.

Which one will you try first? Make sure to choose an IDE that is suitable with your skill level so you can make your first app at ease and in no time. Good luck!